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R4i SDHC Silver Lite R4 3DS Card

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When I hear the word “Lite”, I usually think that a lot of things have been cut down, hence the name.

But, R4 3DS cards are not like that. In fact, some people would love the “Lite” moniker in the R4 3DS cards they’re going to buy.

Why is that? That is because although some features were stripped, those features were not really something of value to the customer anyway.

Because they had to strip some features, the price of the R4 3DS card drops significantly, making the particular card very appealing to the mass consumer.

So today, I am going to talk about the R4i SDHC Silver Lite R4 3DS Card. As previously mentioned, “Lite” cards have some features stripped off them but it is actually not beneficial to the consumer.

The R4i SDHC Silver Lite R4 3DS Card does not compromise on features and performance, though. The R4i SDHC Silver Lite R4 3DS Card comes with an enhanced dual-core processor that has a new technology built-in.

What this means is that the processor that this R4 3DS card comes with is so much faster than the previous generation R4 3DS cards.

On top of that, because this R4 3DS card has a dual-core processor, it is so fast and it doesn’t require a lot of power to run because the processor can handle complex loads efficiently because of its embedded two cores.

The actual card itself is sturdy. There are a lot of fake R4 3DS cards in the market and you can tell that they are fake just by looking at its appearance.

This card is durable as it is constructed with a high-density mold material. Even if you’ve accidentally dropped this card, it will still work normally without any problems.

The beauty of the R4i SDHC Silver Lite R4 3DS Card is that whenever you buy this card, you will always get an R4 3DS card with the latest kernel already pre-installed.

This is so that you do not have to download and install the kernel and firmware files manually as the manufacturer has done that for you; saving you time in the process.

So, what are the key features of this card? Aside from the new dual-core processor, it also comes with homebrew applications which mean that you can install any homebrew application out there, including the popular Moonshell and Action Replay Cheats.

It also comes with the DLDI auto-patching feature which allows you to install homebrew without manually patching the files.

The interface is also customizable. You can switch the wallpaper and the overall feel of the interface. Just make sure that the wallpaper and icons you’re going to use are compatible with this R4 3DS card.

Menus are great; they are simple enough even for people who haven’t used R4 3DS cards before.

Best of all, the price of the R4i SDHC Silver Lite R4 3DS Card is so great that it is not only affordable but also rich in features as well.

This R4 3DS card costs only $17. For the price, it’s got a lot of features. Despite its “Lite” moniker, this R4 3DS card beats some cards on the market.