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Overwatch Competitive Play is Now Live

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Two weeks ago, the Overwatch game director, Jeff Kaplan, has disclosed some details regarding the game Competitive Ranked Play.

Just recently, Blizzard has finally released the feature to the public as the Competitive Ranked Play is already available on the PC version of the game.

But before you turn on your Blizzard clients and play the game, you must know some things about the Competitive Ranked Play first.

The Competitive Ranked Play feature is not for the faint of heart. People who want to participate in the game must have knowledge of how the game works.

In order for players to achieve that, the Competitive Ranked Play will only be unlocked once the player hits Level 25.

This is to ensure that you learn the ropes first before participating in a highly competitive event.

Remember that this game mode is much more competitive than that of the Quick matches.

Once you’ve reached Level 25, you will then be subjected to 10 placement matches that will test your abilities. After ten placement matches, your skill will be evaluated and you will be given a skill rating.

The Skill rating will increase or decrease depends on your win/loss ratio. The more wins you have, the better your skill rating.

Also, you have to take note that the Competitive Ranked Play will be seasonal, meaning, one season of competitive ranked play will be 2.5 months in length (just like the turning of the seasons).

When playing competitive ranked play, you will also be given a unique currency in which you can use to buy some nice and shiny looking Golden weapons!

Also, Jeff Kaplan and his team aim to deliver new and exciting prizes each season, so stay tuned for that.

As of the moment, the competitive Ranked play might have a few bugs or issues. This has been addressed by Kaplan before and he states that the competitive ranked play is a “work in progress”.

Knowing Blizzard’s track record, they are always committed to bringing the best gaming experience possible.

Aside from that, the patch also brings some improvements as well. One of the most notable improvements in the game is that the bug where people lose some framerates while browsing through the Hero selection screen has been fixed.

Other than that, in the Illios map, players can no longer be resurrected if they happen to fall out of the area. Mercy’s resurrection ability resurrects her fallen allies and there was bug pre-patch where players who fell on the cliff can still be resurrected. That has been fixed in this patch.

Anyway, the Competitive Ranked Play is already available on the PC version of the game and the game console versions will have to wait a little bit later.

Jeff Kaplan said that there has to be some sort of balancing first before they will release the future on the game consoles.

If you have the PC version of the game, just run the launcher and patch away!