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Following the best type of HCG meal diet plan for your healthy living

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Whenever the individuals are looking forward to the best and reliable diet plan to lose your body weight and increase your muscle mass to be fit at all, it is recommended following the hcg diet plan. HCG is nothing but the human chorionic gonadotropin which is the hormone necessary for increasing the muscle mass and burning unnecessary body weight.

Instructions for HCG diet:

Once the people have decided to following healthy HCG diet to get your desired body fitness, there are actually three different diet stages available including,

  • LoadingTwo days of eating carb filled and fatty foods.

  • Burning – About 26 to 43 days of 500 calorie diet according to your weight loss goals.

  • Maintenance – Three weeks of the sugar-free/starch diet.

In the loading stage of the HCG shots diet plan, it usually requires that everyone should need to start taking the HCG and load with the healthy foods which are high in fats and carbohydrates. Once the folks have done this stage of diet plan in the successful manner, you body will automatically start to adapt to the hcg effects.

When it comes to the burning stage of the hcg healthy diet plan, the people should begin very lower calorie diet (VLCD) when you are using the hcg drops.

In the maintenance stage of your diet plan, it is required that the individuals should not eat starches or sugars for at least three weeks.

If the people are following all these three stages of hcg diet plan in the best manner, you will surely get the desired body fitness by burning unnecessary body fat.

Other considerations about hcg diet plan:

When it comes to the HCG diet plans, the following are also the significant considerations in order to get the desired and successful weight loss results.

  • The people with any health problems must need to consult with your doctor or health care provider before starting your HCG diet with the healthy food options.

  • The ladies who are all menstruating must start this diet immediately after the completion of your monthly period or at least 10 days before of your next period. But it is compulsorily suggested avoiding the HCG diet during or just before your period.

  • During the HCG diet plan in the form of hcg drops, it is suggested consuming it at least three times per day. After that, you should have to stop taking the hcg drops for your diet plan every 7 days. Then, you can normally continue the normal diet plan the next day.

  • Every person who is following the HCG diet plan should have to weigh yourself daily in the morning time. Regular monitoring of your diet will definitely give you a greater impression on the HCG diet plan with the positive results.

At the beginning stage, you can lose only minimal pounds in your body weight. Once HCG diet sets for your body, then you can able to lose more pounds daily to get desired body fitness.